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     Gheorghe Cernea is the most remarkable personality in the area of Rupea; he dedicated his activity to the study of folklore and Romanian ethnography. 
     An ongoing researcher of the villages in the southern Transylvania (especially those situated on the Târnava Plateau), Cernea gathered an exhaustive literary, folkloric and musical material, which was published in small volumes, such as Small Flowers all around Cohalm. Folkloric poems from Transylvania, Bucharest 1929.

    Cernea gave lectures about the value of the Romanian traditional popular creation, organized a few ethnographic exhibitions at Sibiu, Fagaras, Palos, founded a newspaper and a cultural society at Bucharest during the inter-war period, some folkloric performances. He also participated at radio shows.

    He owned a collection of more than 8000 objects of ethnographic value in order to found a museum at Sighişoara. Unfortunately, this remained just a project, because of the war and the comunist regime.

    He was highly appreciated by the elite of the Romanian culture Nicolae Iorga, Tiberiu Brediceanu, Octav Suluţiu.