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     The important moments in the life of the Romanian community of Rupea -birth, marriage, death – all happened "in front" - the most representative room of the house. The utilitarian function of the inhabited space is assigned to the kitchen (entry) the stove and the hearth. 
    Meanwhile, the "high bed" accomplishes a symbolic function, as the weaves displayed show prestige, and the diligence of the housewife.
    The functional and decorative valences are accomplished by long cases used for sitting and for keeping the dower, by the table and seat backed chairs, by the hall-stands with plates and containers covering the walls; they are all painted in multiple colors in the style of the late rustic baroque.

    The woven fabrics have a stylized geometric pattern, and the orthodox icons painted on glass, which are habitual in all Romanian houses – all these elements assert a strong local identity.